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“He’s supposed to be a man of God.
He should be better than that.”

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One did not stumble by accident into this place. Only those seeking it ventured past the bright yellow diamond-shaped dead-end sign.


Dan Barkan never saw it coming.

Not only did he not want to do it, but he never expected to be asked. Yet, on that cold February night, that’s exactly what happened. They asked him to be president.

The Rabbi, Rob the president, and others in power pressured him to do it. But his own insecurities thought he was crazy for considering it. Yet, a yearning deep inside compelled him. Should he? What is he getting into? The synagogue is fraught with problems. There are financial issues and clashes among some factions that threaten to pull the community apart. Some see him as the change they crave, while others view him as a blow to the status quo.

Perhaps, he can make a difference. Everywhere he turns there are signs telling him to step up to the plate and lead his community. His loving wife Joy, his best friend Rick, and his close friends have faith in him. Even his heroes are all sending signals. They believe in him. Maybe they are right. Maybe he can do it.

The Rabbi rules the congregation like a benevolent dictator. He manipulates and cajoles those who seek change into acquiescence in exchange for his acceptance and approval. Can Dan’s opinions be heard; much less be implemented?

An innocent question leads to discoveries that hint at the nefarious. Dan attempts to get answers but only the Rabbi knows the truth—and he’s not talking. With help from his friends and the synagogue’s benefactor, Jackie, the wealthy and gregarious hippie, he digs deeper. The Rabbi does everything to keep him from the truth. Their battle culminates in an angry and frightening confrontation fifty feet above the ground on which the community prays.

Will the truth come out? Will either man survive? Was it worth it? 

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Let the story begin...

Artist: Elaine Ivker

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