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The Other, NBFPL Poetry Anthology

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

The Other

A faint rainbow appears in the sky, My ephemeral body filled with life, My eternal soul, it cannot deny.

I capture the picture of perfection. The voice in my head takes exception. I’ve forgotten that I am already whole, A fact lay hidden, deep down in my soul. I strive to elicit empathy for myself; The same as I do for the other. There I go again up on the shelf, Taking a back seat to my brother. But when the other feels broken, When their burden is weighing, I can share a soft smile, I can hear what they’re saying. I say it’s alright, I understand, When the other has hurt my feelings. I stand alone on the edge of the strand Searching for purpose in life, and meaning. When scorned by the loss of a lover I can comfort the heart of the other. I assure them their fish they will find. Just look in your heart --- not in your mind. When the other looks in the mirror, I stand behind them and see the light. Still, the beauty fades when I come nearer; Tormented by the reflection in sight.

And when death comes to visit, I can hold the other’s pain. Solace and comfort, I can elicit, But for me, the search is in vein. But perhaps in the bright morning sun There is a truth that dark clouds can’t hide. A transformation --- once done Will bring tears and a sigh. The message is ubiquitous, hidden in plain sight. I hear the words in the quiet and still of the night; Jackson sings me to sleep and helps me to see, It’s my kind words that find their way back to me. The sand is falling fast and the mound it grows high, Not the past, not tomorrow, but now is the time. That we can turn into our hearts to finally discover. That after all it is, we, who have always been the other. Craig Sherman

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