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Dan Barkan never saw it coming. 
Will the truth come out? Was it worth it? 



What readers are saying...

“This literally brought tears to my eyes.”

New author Craig Sherman writes fiction as gripping believable truth, as protagonist Dan Barkan searches through mysterious and nefarious community goings-on for the elusive letter-sender, P. Gleason. Throughout Craig's well-crafted tale, filled with shocks and surprises, and other pitfalls and pratfalls from a rich cast of characters, not least from a ghost-like figure in the pasta aisle, we are absorbed in the best and worst of human nature... Any reader of no good deed... will hold their breath until all is revealed.

-  Rodney Richards, Principal, ABLiA Media LLC services

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Not only did he not want to do it, but he never expected to be asked. Yet, on that cold February night, that’s exactly what happened. They asked him to be president.


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